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Going through a divorce is never easy for anyone. Fortunately, a divorce lawyer can make the process as easy as possible. Turn to Shane Mattingly Law Offices when you need a divorce, child support or child custody lawyer in Leonardtown & all of Southern Maryland.

As a spouse, you have the right to split your assets fairly. If you're a parent, you deserve the chance to fight for child custody or create a visitation plan. We can handle the divorce filings and mediation that goes into finalizing the details of your separation.

Choose a divorce lawyer who brings three decades of experience to the table. Call us now to schedule a consultation.

We'll assist with every area of divorce

Divorce requires a lot of decisions and agreements between both parties. Our staff can help you with:

  • Child and spousal support
  • Division of marital assets
  • Child custody and visitation agreements

Aside from divorce, we can also help with adoptions and guardianship. Whether you need a divorce, adoption or child custody lawyer, look no further than Shane Mattingly Law Offices. Reach out today to talk about your needs.